Flowering Amaryllis in the Middle of Winter

This is nothing like the amaryllis blooming to cheer up a winter day. Typically they will bloom around Christmas or New Years, or into January providing big, bright cheery blossoms that remind us that the flowers of summer are coming soon.

Wild Blue Flower in a Blueberry Bog

I was canoeing in the far North wilderness.  We needed a break from paddling on a big, wild, remote lake.  Ahead was a very small island of rock jutting out of the lake. When we landed, we found that the middle of the island was sunken and was one big blueberry bog full of blueberry plants. The vegetation was so thick that every inch was covered.

Among the plants was this lovely wild blue flower that was definitely not a blueberry flower. I don't know what it was, but it was beautiful. The picture as you see it, is larger than life size.

Moss on Tree

I was walking in an orchard, and I could believe the moss on the wild trees growing at the edge of the orchard. The amount of the stuff was wild.  It was pretty in its own way.

Flower with Troll Doll Hair

I was sitting on a patio looking in the garden and this flower reminded me of those funky, 1960's troll dolls.  Take a look below:

After short consideration, I came to the conclusion that the flower looks a lot better.

Seagrape Just Starting Out

This will turn into a bunch of seagrapes growing in the tropics.  It will look like a bunch of grapes, however the smallish fruit, the size of a large pea is mostly seed.  However the flesh is really sweet and makes a good jam.

A Different Kind of Cone Flower

This cone flower belonging to the Echinacea family doesn't look like the cone flowers resembling flop-ear rabbits.  However it is a variety of the same family.

Spring flowers among the leaves

These spring flowers are blooming among the dead leaves fallen from last season.  I was on a farm taking pictures and I stumbled upon these little blooms.


This amaryllis is several years old and has spent its entire life indoors.

Rose That Looks Like A Wild Rose

These roses are not your typical roses with the curled petals like a sweetheart rose.  These look like wild roses, however they were growing in a flower garden so they were planted there.  The wild rose, with the spread petals like they are above, are precursors of the roses that we know and love in the flower shops.

Berries From Flowers

These orange berries were photographed in a landscaped garden, growing on a bush.  Unfortunately, I can't identify them.

Huge Mushroom Growing on Tree in Woods

This mushroom is over 16 inches in diameter.  It was growing on a tree in the woods.  I think that it is a type of oyster mushroom, but I am not sure.  Super Mario would be jealous.  This is the biggest mushroom that I have ever seen.

Orange Day Lily

This orange day lily is from this year's crop.  This particular variety of day lily really only lasts a day. After they reach  a full bloom, the next day the beautiful petals start to wither and die.

Wide Red Poppies Growing On Edge of Streamlet

As the little streamlet nearby tinkles away, these wild poppies have taken root and color the landscape with their scarlet petals.

Lonely Majestic Elm Tree

I just had to put a picture of this lonely elm tree here.  Elms used to be everywhere across North America.  Then came Dutch Elm Disease and the trees were decimated.  They no longer grow to the majestic sizes that they once achieved and they are rare now.  This lone survivor looks lonely on a country road.

Blue Wisteria

These blue wisteria blossoms in the spring time add a wonderful perfume to the air.  Photographed in a village square in France.

Tiny Blue/Purple Blossoms

I found this spray of tiny blue/purple flowers growing at the base of building in France.  A shrub grows in the middle of it.  The building is a stone building and the mortar is made of ocher.  The flowers offer a nice color contrast.

Beetle Eating Flowers

I was in the mountains of the south of France and I came across this beetle happily munching away on the wild flowers that were growing there.  This beetle had already consumed half of the flower. I was tempted to kill it, but I didn't.  The flower in question looks a bit like a wild rose, but it appeared that the plant was a type of succulent bush.

Field of Wild Flowers

It's not often that you come across an entire field of wild flowers.  I did this summer.  It was like a movie set or a fairy tale story in a book.  The field was covered with white blossoms with yellow centers. It was beautiful and moving, and I didn't want to leave this happy place.

Yellow Gambol

The yellow flowers run through the green foliage like a lark, gamboling through the green with abandon and a huge splash of yellow.  Beautiful.

Poplar or Birch Cone?

This was growing in the spring in the woods.  I am not sure what it is, but I think that it is the flower that makes the poplar or birch seeds and cones.  Whatever it is, it is quite beautiful.  I need a tree expert to tell me what it is.  It appeared before there were leaves on the tree.  This is from a North American northern forest.

Blueberry Plant

Before blueberries totally ripen, they are white as this pic shows.  There are only two blueberries that are ripe and ready to eat in this picture.  These were photographed in the wild in a northern forest.  They favor acid soil in sunny places.

Another Fabulous Day Lily

Another delicate, beautiful day lily.  True to their name, these gorgeous blossoms do not last long.  Within a day, they are a withered dry vestige of their glory in their prime.  I like the frilly edges on this one.

Flowery Plant Growing At Botanical Garden

I am not sure what this plant was. It was growing at the entrance of a botanical garden in Europe, so it could be anything.  If you have a clue, please leave a comment, and let us all know what it is.

Figs Growing Outdoors

It's rare that you find figs growing outdoors in continental North America that is not in the south or southwest.  These figs were growing in the Niagara Falls area in a backyard.